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Spell Caster reviews reviews 4.62/5 (47)

There are several spells on offer at I will mention a few of them:

-Egyptian love spell $199

-wicca love spell $249

-Powerfull love spell $149

-Spell to attract love $149

-Loyalty spell $149

-Money spell $169

If anyone has used it, please add a rating and comment.

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  1. Paint

    Has anyone used? I am considering using wicca love spell.

  2. Ella

    Hello. I’m after egyptian love spell. The situation in which I found myself is quite difficult, because I went abroad with a man and he left me there … he went to another woman, for 2 months I couldn’t get myself together. I’m not counting on much, I used the spell because I still love him and have to do whatever I can to get him back.

  3. asyt

    Then let me know if the results of the spells appear. I will probably order too, but I still hesitate.

  4. Ella

    Of course, I will write about the results.

  5. asyt

    Have you noticed any effects yet?

  6. Ella

    Yes, some results are already visible. The main thing is that they are no longer together, they broke up. I have contact with a man, but it is an exchange of text messages, we still don’t meet.

  7. asyt

    So what you write is better. I guess I’ll probably try too, because I still haven’t ordered it.

  8. rosy32

    Ella, can you tell now if the spell worked?

  9. Ella

    Yes, it worked. The spells have worked, and we’ve been together again for two weeks. I still remember how he left me then, and I am trying to forgive him. It still hurts me a lot, because he left me, despite the fact that we had joint plans…. I try not to think about it anymore, the most important thing is that we are a couple again, I love him and I think he loves me too.

  10. Awcha

    Can you ask for more opinions?

  11. Nardha

    Hello. I also decided for a love spell from I will keep you informed about the results.

  12. Awcha

    Thank you for your response. Can you tell me how you felt during the spell days? I read that it can be different.

  13. Nardha

    I felt normal, I didn’t notice anything in particular.

  14. Awcha

    Thanks for the answer. I hope you will be successful.

  15. Nardha

    Thank you very much. So far, the situation remains unchanged. We are still in touch, but this contact is weak. He walked away from me because he said our relationship had burned out. I really hope the spell will bring us back together again.

  16. Nardha

    I can see a clear improvement. We started seeing each other again. There is still a long way to go back, but it’s better than it was before

  17. Nardha

    My love situation is getting better all the time. We see each other often, he himself comes up with suggestions for meetings. I feel that it may be good.

  18. Onion

    I personally ordered aura cleansing from and can recommend it. I used this spell because for a long time I had been weakened, apathetic, I had no will to live. It has now been 5 months since the end of the spells and my life has definitely improved. I have a desire for self-development, I want to get to know new things and new people. I recommend and greet everyone.

  19. onid

    Nardha, how is your situation? The man came back to you? I will be grateful for information.

  20. Nardha

    Sorry for not answering so much. The spell worked, we’ve been a couple again for 3 weeks. We’re great now, better than before we broke up. May it stay that way, I hope the spell effects will last. I greet everyone.

  21. kins

    I am 8 days after the end of egyptian love spell. I will inform you about the effects.

  22. wlf

    Is your case difficult? My husband wants a divorce but I want him back. I wonder if this spell could save my marriage.

  23. kins

    The man left me after 2 years of relationship. We weren’t engaged yet, but I was hoping it would be soon. It happened completely different, he walked away from me saying that he is struggling in the relationship 🙁

  24. wlf

    I wish you to get him back. Don’t forget to write in a while if the magic worked.

  25. kins

    Welcome back. The spell worked. Two months ago he contacted me and then things turned out pretty quickly, we started dating and after a few meetings we got back together. It came back almost 3 weeks ago.

  26. Catherine

    Thanks to this spell, I got my fiancé back. I chose because I found positive reviews on other blogs. I gave it a try, hoping it would be similar, and thankfully it was. Had I not gotten my partner back, I have no idea if I would have ever put my life back together. I am an introvert, very attached to people. When I fell in love with Paul, I knew it was either him or no one. When he left me, my world collapsed. That’s why I’m so happy to have him back. It came back over six weeks ago, so hopefully the effects will last.

  27. Flowerpot

    Egyptian love spell worked gradually. I didn’t immediately get a man, first we reconnected, then we started dating. Only at the end of the waiting time for the effects (I was supposed to wait 1-3 months), there was an official return. I am happy with the results and recommend it.

  28. Veronike

    I am satisfied with the performance of the love spell. When I placed my order, my situation was difficult because my partner was already dating another woman. They were not in a relationship yet, but they were seeing each other quite often. I was in a lot of pain. When the spell started working, he stopped seeing her and approached me again. After a few less committed encounters, we became a couple again.

  29. Nevaeh

    I am very happy that I used spell to attract love from At first I thought of a love spell. I was soon after a breakup, so it was logical that my first thought was to do everything to get my beloved man back. After thinking about it for a while, I gave up on that idea and ordered a love attraction spell. It was a hit!!!
    I met interesting men within a few months. I liked one of them the most and I also liked him. We have been a couple for 3 weeks now. I am happy now, very good that I chose this spell.

  30. Gianna

    I used wicca love spell because the man I planned to be together with left me. I thought we would be together forever, but unfortunately he had other plans. When he left me, he said he saw no future with me and was looking for another type of girl. I couldn’t deal with his words. I decided that I would try using love magic. That’s how I came across and decided to order wicca love spell. I kept my fingers crossed that the spell would bring results. It did. After 10 weeks of placing the order, the man unexpectedly called me back and asked me to give it another chance. I agreed and we have been together again for 4 weeks.

  31. Feksa

    I can recommend a spell to attract love from
    I was fresh out of a breakup and didn’t want to use a love spell because after the way I was treated by a man I had done a lot for, I didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But the heart is not a servant. I still loved him and that’s why I ordered the attract new love spell, so that I could forget about him and meet someone new with whom I could form a stable relationship. This is what happened. After a few months I found such a man. We have been together for two months and I am very happy.

  32. Brooklyn

    My situation was similar to several described above – a man left me, and I couldn’t get over it. I could have fought for him, but given the circumstances of the breakup – he left me for a work colleague – I decided I needed to be tough and keep my dignity, so I didn’t fight for him, but tried to fight for myself. So I ordered a spell to attract love.
    Today I feel great. The spell allowed me to meet a man with whom I get along very well and we have been a good couple for 5 months. I have already forgotten about my ex-boyfriend.
    If anyone is in a similar situation I can recommend this spell.

  33. Emilia28

    In my case, the wicca spell also worked. I decided to use it because a man left me after two years of relationship for no apparent reason. He left because he was bored with our relationship. His words hurt me a lot. I decided that I would do everything in my power to get him back and so I used love magic. The website appealed to me and had many positive reviews. The spell also worked for me, after 12 weeks of using it, the man unexpectedly proposed me to meet and asked me to give him another chance. I agreed and we have been together again for a month. Best regards and good luck in love to others as well.

  34. Leah

    I recommend egyptian love spell that helped me win back a man I had been with for several years. After several years of relationship, he got bored with my company and that is what prompted me to use love magic. I wasn’t expecting amazing results, but they came. For the first 6 weeks nothing happened. After that time he contacted me and we started dating again. After a few meetings we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be a couple again. We have been together for a month now and get along very well.

  35. qeta

    For my part, I also recommend the powerfull love spell I used it because the man I had been with for several years left me. We were planning our future together and I thought that nothing would disrupt our plans. Unfortunately, he suddenly became abrasive towards me. I didn’t know what the reason was. After a month, he decided to break up with me, claiming that he was bored with our relationship. After some time, the situation improved, and within two months we were in contact with each other again. Then we started dating again, until finally we came to the conclusion that we would become a couple again. I am happy with the results.

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