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Spell Caster reviews reviews 4.38/5 (26)

At you will find more than a dozen love spells on offer, including:

-Love binding spell $299

-Egyptain love spell $299

-The Strongest Love Rite (Black Magic) – $449

-Voodoo love spell $399

-Classic love spell $219

-Spell of responsibility $199

-Reconcilation spell $219

-Separation spell $219

If you have used the services of spell caster Samael please share your review.

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  1. eedrf

    Hi. Has anyone used the love binding spell? I have read on other sites that these spells are effective. will ask for your reviews.

  2. Rebli

    A few days ago I used the love binding spell from Samael. I will keep you posted on the results.

  3. aaabba

    Rebli-do you see the results of the magic actions yet? I too want to use a love spell and am considering using

  4. Rebli

    Hello again. I haven’t posted in a while because I forgot about this site. The most important thing I wanted to report is that the spell worked and we have been together again for a month. Greetings.

  5. amely

    Samael is the best magician I’ve ever met, he managed to make my ex ask me to come home, I’m glad it worked out. I had to wait patiently, but it was worth it. He is also very kind, answers every question, and always inspires me to do better, to be a better person.

  6. Greende

    I must say that Samael is amazing! I don’t really understand what he is doing, but his skills have turned everything around, I am back in touch with the boy who claimed to hate me. I am excited and looking forward to more. I wish everyone else luck and keep fighting for your other self, don’t give up, things will get better soon!

  7. Matt

    My wife has returned home and I would never have been able to do it without his help. I don’t want to reveal my personal life here, but due to the need to leave an opinion I will write a few things. After the ritual began to work, my wife began to change for the better, but at first it was worse. I think we needed to resolve our hidden resentments first. I think we needed this to start over. I want to thank Samael for his great services.

  8. joethy

    The most powerful black magic ritual helped my situation. I ordered because I wanted to get back the guy who left me and cut off contact with me. I had absolutely no idea how to get him back by normal means. I tried sending him text messages hoping that he would respond and we would renew contact, but it had no effect. I ordered a love ritual not hoping for miracles, but deep down I was hoping for success. Quite unexpectedly, after about 4 weeks after finishing the rituals, the man contacted me and we renewed contact. We began to meet on a collegial basis. After several weeks of such meetings, we jointly decided that we would give each other another chance.

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