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There is no black magic

There is also no white, pink or green. There is one energy that a person can channel differently and with different intentions. With a knife you can cut a slice of bread, but you can also kill. It is up to the person holding it in his hand how he uses it. The same is true of magic. Black magic is a colloquial term for actions that violate another’s will, restrict, force or discourage some action. However, they always cause harm – regardless of the intention of the one who moves energy intended to influence another person.

Why do people turn to black magic?

Each of us has our own moral spine. From childhood we are taught what is right and wrong. We know that you can’t harm someone, you can’t steal or kill. However, it happens that people do it. Why? Out of a desire for revenge, jealousy, envy, for their own benefit. The desire for revenge or the desire to achieve what is not available at the time is so great that people forget what is moral and ethical. The same is true of black magic. Some people reach for it when other available ways fail or when they lack the courage to achieve their goals differently. The fiancé has left? It’s the girlfriend who forces him back with a love spell. The mother-in-law doesn’t accept the daughter-in-law? It’s the daughter-in-law who retaliates by ordering a curse. One neighbor puts up a high fence that obstructs the view of another and nothing can be done about it because the former acted within the bounds of the law? It is in revenge a spell for deterioration of health… Sometimes malice can also do great damage. My great-grandmother was a village quack. She could pull off spells, but she could also cast them. According to family accounts, she didn’t even have to make a special effort somehow. Her words simply came true for people – both good and bad. When a young neighbor refused to give her beans for soup, because she had left herself only for sowing, the great-grandmother said: In my lifetime you are the one who will not eat your beans. And so it was. It was only about the beans, but she could also do damage in every sphere of life with her words.

With good intentions hell is paved with…

Sometimes I get requests to send Reiki energy to, for example, a sick aunt who has been ailing for many years. My first question is whether the aunt asked. Well, no… Exactly! How do you know that your aunt wants to be healthy? It’s impossible that she doesn’t want to? And why? After all, a sick person provokes you to take care of him, take care of him, take time for him. A healthy aunt would be left alone. So maybe it’s just you who wants your aunt to get better, because you won’t have to visit her every other day? Why do you want to decide about someone’s health? After all, energy sent with the intention of healing your aunt without her knowledge and against her will is black magic. I have a friend who feels the need to go to the doctor at least once a month. She enjoys talking about her illnesses, medicines and doctors. I have a feeling that she would lose the meaning of life if suddenly someone took these diseases away from her. She will never ask for healing. Neither should anyone close to her, because that would simply be raping her psyche.

Does a person reaching for black magic have to be fundamentally evil?

Not necessarily. Sometimes the use of black magic is a moment of weakness, sometimes stupidity, often a suffocating desire for revenge. Negative emotions so obscure common sense and mother’s teachings that a person does something he knows is wrong, but can’t restrain himself. I miss my ex-boyfriend so much… I can’t watch her get well… She’s going to pay me for losing my promotion because of her… Could this be an explanation for immoral actions? No, you harm someone and that is wrong! Black magic is supposed to make it better? To whom? And for how long?

Does the use of black magic remain without consequences?

Of course not. The universe is an echo. It returns what you send out. You will pay for using black magic, and sooner than you expect. You will pay with complications in your life or even its ruin. For every action that violates another’s free will or aims to harm another, the Universe foots the bill. Sometimes one sphere of life falls apart – love, financial, health… Sometimes everything. And this is where it no longer helps to explain that it’s bad for me, but it’s even worse for him/her. When a person, through his own immoral and unethical actions, loses his husband/wife, job, money, health, then only begins to look for a way to reverse what, he has done. Because this is usually how it ends.

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