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We interact with the people next to us in all kinds of ways and form mutual bonds. Some of them are the background of life for us, but others are important and it would be good for us to have a good relationship with them. But what if things stopped going well, you quarrel, you can’t communicate and you live side by side rather than together? Not so long ago you formed a harmonious duo and now you can’t reconcile after a quarrel. Your mutual grudges and resentments make it difficult to live together, but also difficult to part in harmony. This is where relationship cleansing and healing will help.

In any such relationship, we connect energetically with the other person

We form a kind of energy cord with her. The strongest of these are in families and partnerships and friendships. When these relationships are built on a foundation of pure selfless love and understanding, then you feel safe because you get as much as you give.

However, things are not always good

Grief, resentment, a sense of injustice build up and block smooth communication. Sometimes it comes to a situation where we become indifferent, feel alone in such a relationship, unable to communicate with the other person. Sometimes dominance, dependence, fear of loss creep into our relationships. Seemingly we are together, but nevertheless separate.Perhaps you have noticed that when a person close to you is under the influence of strong emotions, her mood gives to you as well. You then feel her joy, pain, sadness, nervousness. This happens because you have developed too strong energy cords that strain your relationship, but do not build it up. Figuratively speaking, it’s like grabbing someone’s hand when you’re talking to them, and yet you can have a conversation without holding the other person’s hand, too.

Relationship cleansing and healing involves:

-dissolving negative thought patterns, codes and matrices stuck in the subconscious of partners and conditioning their behavior,
-releasing partners from fears, grief, envy, jealousy, guilt, annoyances given and received, and from all other forms of self-destruction,
-cleaning the energy cords connecting partners,
-removing any barriers that make partners unable to fully commit to the relationship,
-energizing the relationship with the healing energy of Reiki.

The treatment is performed for your highest good and in accordance with the will of God
This treatment will not break anyone’s free will. It will not arouse love if it is not there. However, it will allow you to realize what you feel for each other. This means that if it is beneficial for both of you to renew and continue your relationship, it will. However, if it is more beneficial for you to part ways in harmony, that too can happen after the treatment. I am a Reiki Grand Master. Feel free to contact me if you need my help.

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