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Each of us feels the need to be loved. However, sometimes relationships fall apart, sometimes reciprocity is lacking. Some people undertake work on the relationship, change their own behavior, try harder than before. Others accept the breakup, settle the relationship, cut themselves off and start a new phase of life. Sometimes, however, someone is so unable to come to terms with rejection or the end of a relationship that he or she reaches for unethical and immoral magical ways.

Spell Casters offer spells and magical treatments for virtually everything – to find a partner, to get a partner back, to make a chosen person fall in love. Some write outright that it’s mostly black magic. Others deceive by saying they work with white magic. Meanwhile, using white magic, you can’t break someone’s free will – and that’s what forcing someone to stay in a relationship or to start needing the presence of the person commissioning the black magic. Magic can make someone unable to imagine life without a particular person, magic can arouse longing and desire.

Negative effects of love magic

Doubt and fear

Thanks to the spell, you will get what you want, but for the rest of your life you will wonder if this is how love and relationship should be. After all, your partner will no longer behave naturally as he once did. You will notice some artificiality. You will never gain peace of mind and confidence that your partner is with you because he actually wants to. This will breed your fear that the magic may one day stop working and your partner will leave.

Relationship troubles

Your partner now perceives you differently, needs your presence, desires you. However, after all, black magic does not reset the memory. He still remembers that not long ago he did not love and did not want a relationship. Whereas now she feels a great need to be with you. Mentally weaker people will accept this and get over it. They will recognize that apparently they have suddenly experienced enlightenment and understood what is good for them. Some will feel cognitive dissonance. They will notice that, after all, the partner doesn’t actually like them, that they don’t respect or admire him, but at the same time they feel a great need to be with him, desire him. This will give rise to frustration, which they most often unload on their partner – on you. Hence brawls in the relationship, quiet days alternating with intense nights, confessions of love and then insults. You never know which scenario will come true in your relationship.

The difficulty of breaking such a relationship

Today you really want to be with this person of your choice. Believe that it is possible and even very likely that one day you will fall out of love, that you will get bored. Because you will find it hard to bear her unnatural behavior, because you will be fed up with the lack of peace, because you will meet someone else. Meanwhile, the magic will imprison you and keep you together. It is very difficult to break a relationship bound by magic. Depending on what has been done, this difficulty may affect only your partner or it may affect both of you. With weaker love spells your partner will not let you leave, with love binding spell neither of you will find the strength to end the relationship.

Sensing foreign energies

For a black love magic ritual to be successful, for its effect to be an energy attachment of one person to another, a guardian of such a spell is needed. This can be some demonic entity, lower astral, entities considered to be ancient deities. The spell caster places a guardian at the victim to make sure that the ritual is powerful, that the person behaves according to the will of the person ordering such a ritual. However, there are people with innate esoteric abilities – clairvoyance, they are more sensitive to energy. They entities can sense and even see. So they see shadows, images in mirrors or reflected in glass vessels, feel a sudden chill.


The consequence of black magic is the establishment of karmic relationships. These are relationships, as a rule, not very clear, simple and obvious. It is difficult to be with each other and difficult to part and, in addition, from time to time there are serious crises in such a relationship. Black magic generates consequences for future incarnations in such a way that you and your victim will meet in some non-obvious and difficult relationship. It will be worse than it is now.

Sometimes I notice that spell casters try to bind together people who are already in a karmic relationship. I don’t understand why – whether it’s a matter of deficiencies in the workshop of work, or targeting only profit. After all, karmic partners already have a strong energetic connection with each other. It can’t get any stronger here. Spells for those already in a karmic relationship will not improve the relationship.

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