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Curses, charms, ill-will, curses, energy vampirism, energy hookups and negative thought-forms and connections can manifest in many ways. You start wondering about them when you notice that whatever you do, you are still stuck in one place. In addition, you see that problems are accumulating, friends are leaving and there are only toxic people around. Maybe you also experience illnesses, sudden misfortunes, strange and unfavorable coincidences for you. Also, you are not doing well in love, personal life, work and business. All this makes you lose your sense of control over your life. An aura cleansing will help.

So, what can the need to cleanse your aura come from?

-The cause could be toxic people in your environment. Quarrels and conflicts with them are troublesome. They may attack you – consciously or not – with their jealousy and envy and wishes for you to succeed. This sticks to you in the form of charms and malice. Cleansing your aura will take them off you. You may also have energy vampires in your environment feeding on your energy and taking away your joy of life.

-Long-term illnesses also cause energy weakness. Illnesses attract the bad energies of sadness, grief and bitterness, and the feeling that things won’t get any better. Then you should be under the care of a doctor, but aura cleansing will restore your will to live and fight the disease.

-The reason for your condition may also be that you have been playing with black magic or doing ethically questionable rituals or perhaps experimenting with altered states of consciousness, with OBBE. You were doing something you didn’t fully control.

-Your own negative thoughts can also weaken your aura. When you’re weakened, then it’s easy to believe that things won’t get any better, it’s easy to doubt your worth and your abilities. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to get out of it. The longer you are in this state, the more black thoughts in you and the less will to fight to break out of it.

Aura cleansing is a new beginning for your life

Cleansing your aura will make you regain balance and joy in life. You will brighten your thoughts and see your life in a new light. The treatment will restore your natural assertiveness. However, when your connections with other people are very toxic, you will probably need a treatment to cut off toxic people. Instead, you will get rid of any malice, possible curses and charms. However, when someone used black magic against you, or it was you who used it against another person, then you will probably need a black magic cleansing treatment. The treatment furthermore cleanses and harmonizes your chakras.

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