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The spell affects the mind, changes the way a person thinks and perceives reality. The person on whom the spell was cast loses his free will to choose the most favorable partner for him or to break off a toxic relationship. She doesn’t understand why this is happening, but desires contacts with the person who ordered the spell to be cast. She doesn’t love because a spell won’t make someone love. She may even think she loves, but it’s not love. It’s entrapment, manipulation, deprivation of critical judgment. Let me repeat: a love spell will not force anyone to love.

Example #1:

You ordered the spell to be cast and he came back to you. He desires to stay with you, takes care of your needs, is interested in your life, wants to share his. He is by your side all the time, because the spell has made it impossible for him to function normally without you. Would you like to meet a friend? Nothing to it – either you won’t go, because he will whine to you that you leave him alone for as long as 3 hours, or he will call you every now and then. Cool? Not cool. You may like this at first, but after a while it will start to irritate you. Whatever you do, whatever you do, he will follow you. Because he feels the need to do so. Because you made it happen. Yes, he is a prisoner, but you will also become a prisoner. So forget about a piece of your own personal living space. You have just given it up.

Example #2:

He’s back, he wants contact with you, he can’t imagine life without you, but he’s such a strong personality that he feels something is wrong. On a certain forum I read the grievances of girls that under the influence of charm the guy makes advances, insults, restricts and does not let go. Well… the girl herself wanted it. You forced him to be with you, so he is. He just experiences ambivalent feelings – he thinks he loves you and at the same time subconsciously hates you – because you trapped him.

Example #3:

You ordered a spell to be cast, but suddenly you unexpectedly met your great love from many years ago. You want to walk away from the infatuated guy and be happy with someone else. You won’t succeed. After all, he won’t let you stay alone with your friend any longer and you think he will let you go to another? He is no longer able to think rationally about your relationship, he no longer has honor. She only has you. Well… get ready for a relationship of three with harassment and stalking.

Let’s not mention the love spells cast on people who are in other relationships, because the assessment of this is probably clear. Because it is something else when the breakup of such a relationship occurs when both people have free will and something else when one no longer has free will.

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