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The aura cleansing treatment cleanses the body on the physical, mental, emotional and astral planes and strengthens and harmonizes the chakras.

What do you gain?

-Aura cleansing removes possible curses, curses, charms and maledictions from you. It cuts off possible all energy plug-ins, including astral and energy vampires from your environment.
-Removes from your energy the traces of magical procedures performed on you and by you. However, it does not completely remove black magic.
-Removes negative thought-forms and cleanses your thoughts.
-Purifies emotions, allows you to get rid of guilt, anger, grief.
-Strengthens mental resilience and assertiveness.
-Improves physical well-being.

Energy protection

After cleansing, I assume energy protection – however, it is not permanent. This is because it is impossible to secure someone once and for all. Imagine a house with solid security measures – a high fence, alarms and monitoring. The house seems secure, but after all, all you have to do is open the gate to the property and not close it… Whatever methods I would use to secure you, ultimately you yourself have to guard access to you – just as you have to lock the gate and the door to the house.

So after the cleansing, you have to take care of your own protection yourself – become assertive to toxic people, take care of purity of thoughts, consciously do not delve into some depressive states and do not provoke unfavorable situations for you, avoid performing ethically questionable rituals and magical procedures, do not experiment with altered states of consciousness and obbe. A red thread or a programmed rock crystal will certainly help you – for example, with the intention of catching negative energies and your destructive thoughts from the environment. You can stock up on an amulet. Visualizations, affirmations and burning candles with the intention of protection and other ways you know will also help.

Self-feeling after cleansing

Usually after a cleansing, a person feels bad for about 3 days, because when energy impurities are removed from the aura, an “empty space” is created. Before it fills with positive energy again, a person feels some physical discomfort. So there may be weakness, discouragement, flu-like conditions, bone or muscle pain – this will pass. However, it is individual how people feel after the cleansing – in extreme cases, some do not get out of bed and others immediately feel very light, even euphoric.

Recommendations for you

After cleansing for about 3 days, you should drink more water, because with it all energy deposits are removed. You will certainly feel an increased thirst. It is also recommended that you cleanse your apartment and, if possible, your workplace. After cleansing your aura, it would be advisable to refrain from placing cards, performing rituals and any procedures that interfere with your energetics for at least 3 days.

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