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The founder of the Reiki system, Mikao Usui, made sure that his students developed the right value system. This is because with the right attitude to reality, it is easier to change one’s life in order to then be able to effectively help others. One must first heal oneself and one’s life in order to be able and credible to heal others at all. These function under the name of the 5 principles of Reiki. These are the 5 indications for living well – the so-called Gokai.

right now
don’t get angry
don’t worry
express gratitude
be good to others

Principles or guidelines?

The term principle describes some kind of standard of conduct, a law that commands one to act in this way and not another. Meanwhile, Reiki is freedom. It is accepted that Gokai is defined by principles. Meanwhile, these are guidelines, hints, suggestions that you can follow or not – and this is true whether you have Reiki initiation or not. However, following Gokai will make your life fuller, make it easier for you to enjoy it. Gokai are simply the ideals of Reiki.

Gokai are multidimensional

They relate primarily to mundane life. This is because you cannot develop spirituality in yourself while neglecting real life. The inner, spiritual life can be fully developed if we have taken care of the usual mundane matters beforehand. For the mind and soul will be healthy when the body is healthy, when we get rid of pain, infirmity, disability. When we start following the 5 principles of Reiki, it will be easier to discover our inner potential. This is because they are recommendations for our own self-improvement, for continuous work on ourselves.

Right now

We live in the here and now – and this is what our attention should be focused on. For the past is gone and the future has not yet arrived. The past should be remembered, for from it come our life experiences, our wisdom. Based on them we can make more favorable choices, because we learn from our mistakes. One must not live by it, strenuously return to it, shatter it. The past is gone and with it certain circumstances and people. It is necessary to accept it and not let them keep us stuck. You can’t live the future either. Yes, one should plan it, think about it, but one should distinguish between planning and dreaming unrealistic visions. After all, we are living in the moment and what we have now is the most important thing. Awareness of current potentials and limitations will allow us to better arrange our future. After all, only the present moment allows us to turn possible losses into gains, to correct the mistakes of the past. Being firmly grounded in the present moment allows you to heal the present, come to terms with the past and build a better future.

Right now, don’t get angry

Sometimes ordinary everyday situations can bring us out of balance. We feel anger, indignation, rage, resentment towards someone, because we are only human. A person in anger often loses the ability to rationally evaluate facts and behave rationally. Decisions made in anger, as a result of anger caused by a situation, as a rule, are not the best and are often regretted. In addition, failure to control anger leads to its reinforcement and transfer to other objects than the one that caused it. An accidental incident with someone on the street can cause an angry person to enter the workplace and be rude to co-workers. In this way he can spoil his relations with them, he can spoil his image in their eyes. And for what reason? Anger is a natural emotion. We just need to control it and not let it control us. Anger does not allow you to build your Now. Anger ruins, not heals.

Right now, don’t worry

We are capable of worrying about many things and those over which we have influence and those over which we have no influence. We worry about the fact that yesterday we presented ourselves to someone not the way we wanted, about a child who went on a school trip, about whether we will manage at work. Also about situations known only from newspapers and television, or just generally about the future. Often – and according to the law that similar attracts similar – one worry produces another. What if we didn’t distract our energies to dealing with situations that were already there or are there, but are also beyond our control? What if one didn’t occupy one’s mind so much on spinning unproductive musings? If so to devote all your energy to improving the quality of life? Leaving the sometimes difficult past behind, trusting that the future will be good and directing attention to the present moment will allow one to notice and appreciate life’s little joys. To help yourself and help others, you need to let go of your – sometimes irrational – fears.

Express gratitude right now

It is important to note that one can be grateful for many things – for being alive, for a roof over one’s head, for a job – whatever it may be, for the presence of other people in one’s life. One should appreciate what one has and trust that the Universe will give what we need. For a sense of gratitude is a powerful energy that attracts more situations into our lives for which we can be grateful. A request – sent whether in prayer or just in our own appeal to the Universe – confirms a sense of some lack. We then live what we don’t have, we have a sense of scarcity. Gratitude, on the other hand, provokes the emergence of situations and circumstances for which we can be grateful. More gratitude and appreciation of what one has – more good situations. Sometimes it helps just to change our own perception to realize how much good there is in our lives. A sense of gratitude, moreover, teaches humility and does not allow one’s own ego to grow. Gratitude is a powerful tool for healing your own life.

Right now work

The word work here is multidimensional. This recommendation can mean: work honestly, dedicate yourself to your work, respect work or it can simply mean: develop yourself, act. After all, we function in some reality, we have obligations to our family, to our boss at work, to society. In order to expect the fulfillment of our obligations to us, we must first give something of ourselves, fulfill our obligations. At this basic level, this Gokai recommendation speaks of the free flow of energy, the balance of energy by fulfilling one’s obligations to one another with other people. However, it also means working on oneself by overcoming one’s limitations, addictions, by making efforts to be a better and better person. After all, just wishing that people have a good life, live in health and prosperity is not enough. Work must be undertaken to make it happen. One must act right now.

Right now be good to others

Every being just by virtue of birth deserves respect and the right to live. Thanks to them, we ourselves can exist – from nature we get food and building blocks for our homes. All life should be respected, but one’s attention should nevertheless be directed to the other person. The point is not to delight only in beautiful landscapes or to be sensitive only to the harm of animals. The point is to be able to delight in another human being as well. It is in him that you find the subject of your efforts. For communing with other people makes us learn and grow. Through their presence we can love and be loved. Moreover, when we are good to others, others are good to us and the energy of love flows freely. So let us treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. For we empower other people and they empower us. Moreover, in wanting to truly help other people, we must not feel superior. We just need to feel stronger. Strength, on the other hand, is given to us by these 5 Reiki principles.

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