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You notice that your life is beginning to resemble that of your parents, maybe your grandparents. You notice similar experiences to yours in your cousins or aunts. These experiences are difficult and seemingly not worked out by you. Someone suggested to you that the family curse is responsible for this.

Family curse and generational curse

A curse is a formula uttered in the right ritual manner and under the right conditions, which specifies the type of curse, its scope – that is, which spheres are affected and its duration. She is not a curse cast spontaneously out of helplessness. It is a conscious and pre-prepared action. An ancestral curse affects the entire family, including distant relatives. It lasts until the death of the last family member during whose lifetime it was cast. It is often confused with a generational curse, which is cast on a specific line of the family. Such can pass from mother to daughter, from father to son. However, this article is not about distinguishing between types of curses and whether they are actually so common.

Ancestral or generational curses are very rare

From the posts on esoteric groups and from so many apparent offers on the Internet by specialists in retrieving ancestral curses, it might seem that ancestral or generational curses are common. Meanwhile, “ordinary” curses at purifications are seen very rarely and ancestral curses only incidentally. Meanwhile, from what I read on all sorts of esoteric forums, it seems that in almost every person who suspects such a curse in himself, someone eventually diagnoses it at some point and offers to pull it off for a fee. People are asking themselves to be fleeced for services they don’t need.

Stories about how someone once cursed someone in the family

In many places you can read stories about how in church a woman curses her former fiancĂ©, who is about to get married to another woman. I’ve also read stories about alleged curses cast because someone took someone’s property. Except that these are not curses. They are curses or maledictions and they do not have the power to last from generation to generation. A curse must be cast in the right way, under the right conditions, and must have its guardian – usually a demonic entity – watching over it to make sure it is fulfilled. Bad wishes cast in great grief, jealousy, or a sense of injustice are not a curse. Meanwhile, such stories are cited as proof of the alleged curse. Based on such stories, people believe that a curse cast several generations back is responsible for what happens in their family.

Before you think about the family curse consider this:

Family patterns:

Make sure you don’t duplicate any behavior patterns found in your family based on imitation. The environment we grew up in, after all, shapes us. Childhood and early adolescence have a great influence on our behavior and the way we make decisions. We soak up certain patterns, values, behavior patterns.

Maybe there is pressure in the family to make children independent as soon as possible? To push them out of the house as quickly as possible – no matter how prepared for life, whether they have the right profession and the right partner? Maybe that’s why there are weddings without love in the family? Maybe that’s why it’s hard to find a job these days, because there wasn’t time and opportunity to get the right profession? Yes, it happens. I have seen it myself, my clients tell me about it. This is what your grandparents did, this is what your parents did, this is what you are starting to do. It’s not a curse, it’s family patterns. This is because sometimes it’s difficult to go beyond the environment you grew up in, and that’s why you have a life similar to that of your parents.

Ancestral karma:

Family karma is certain experiences shared by all family members – or, for example, only women. The fact that, for example, all the women in a family have unsuccessful relationships is not necessarily due to a family or generational curse. It can result precisely from family karma. So while the curse can be pulled off, karma cannot be effectively cleansed. What to do? Karma needs to be worked through. In the example given, create relationships quite differently from the women of the family, choose other men, do not duplicate the behavior of the mother or grandmother. Ancestry healing sessions – whatever the person performing them calls them – can be helpful here. However, they do not purify karma. Such sessions are therapeutic work with your subconscious. During them, you are supposed to change the patterns of your own thinking so that you can create a relationship completely different from that of your mother or grandmother. Simply put, you are to work through your family karma.

Personal karma:

Your problems may stem from personal karma. It’s very possible that you can’t manage to work through it. It is very possible that other people in your family are facing the same karma. And here, as in the case of family karma, it needs to be worked through and not cleared.

Current numerological time and current transits

This is always worth checking before suspecting bad luck, charms, curses or anything else with you. Sometimes general energy weakness is due to a difficult numerological time and problems in life are due to difficult transits in the horoscope. If, for example, after the 9th numerological year, you experience Pluto transits through Venus for 3 years and, in addition, a marriage has recently broken up in your family, it will be easy for you to believe in the existence of an ancestral curse regarding love – a curse that does not exist.

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