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Everything in the Universe strives for equilibrium. And equilibrium requires an exchange of energy of similar potential. When you get tired, you need rest. You get paid for your work. In a relationship, you feel secure when your partner makes the same effort as you. You feel the need to reciprocate for someone else’s help. This is because the lack of energy alignment creates energy debts, which will sooner or later be compensated. The giver will get a return – maybe even in a different form or shape. The energy debtor will be forced to pay – not necessarily even in a favorable way. However, energy exchange – natural for some, unwanted for others – appears as a necessity.

Energy balance

Energy balance is about taking as much as we need and repaying what we have received. On one scale of the scales is “give” and on the other “take.” They should be in balance. By giving something of ourselves we make room for something else, something new, something beneficial to us. For it is impossible to accumulate energy indefinitely and only take. You can’t just take without thinking, because you’ll find that your scales will fill up too quickly and there won’t be room for things that are truly valuable. On the other hand, you can’t just give, because in a while there will be nothing left to share.

Everything is energy

Energy is thoughts, intentions, words, matter. It is just one form of the same thing. An intensely trained athlete replenishes deficiencies in the body with supplements. A partner who feels loved is able to give up his own priorities for the sake of the relationship. A neighbor will watch your child and you will bake her a cake. You get paid for your physical and intellectual efforts at work. The form of energy exchange can vary. However, it is important that the energy exchange takes place. It is important not to become someone’s energy debtor.

Money as a form of energy exchange

Money is the same form of energy as everything else. They are nothing evil, impure or inferior – they are neutral. It is a contractual form of energy exchange. It also seems to be the easiest form. It’s easier to simply pay for someone’s services than to look for a way to return the favor – which requires both time and personal commitment. On the other hand, the perception of money itself depends on life experiences, often on misconceptions about it – for example, that only dishonest people have big money, often on subconscious patterns of poverty. However, money is a measure of our own effectiveness in life. They are a measure of the energy stored in them. Money is energy.

Agreeing on a form of energy exchange

In social, relationship relationships, this doesn’t need to be agreed upon. It happens on its own and naturally. Agreeing on the form of energy exchange is needed when providing services. One person gives a good or service and the other pays for it. Energy balance is when both parties are satisfied.

Energy exchange in esotericism

The same laws apply to esotericism as to other areas of life. An esotericist – fortune teller, numerologist, astrologer, radiesthetist – offer a service and it is natural that they expect a balance of energy. The balance may be a financial fee, there may be some barter. You can offer the esotericist some form of payment other than money, but it should be fair and actually balance the energy.

It is said that in the past psychics, witches, whisperers did not expect payment

This is not true. They may not have had a rigid price list, but it was clear that there was a need for a payback. People brought food and items they made, they also brought money or offered their services. Ethical psychics, witches, whisperers knew that it was necessary to close the energy connection so as not to create energy debtors for themselves. They knew that the Universe would reward them for having helped someone. They also knew that the person who received help and didn’t pay them would sooner or later pay fate – lose something, get hurt in some way. Therefore, the first knowledge my Mistress gave me was a set of health and safety and ethics rules. One of the rules is: before the service, agree on how you will close the connection between you and the client, give a price – don’t create energy debtors for yourself.

Can “good thoughts”, prayers and lighting a thanksgiving candle be payment?

They can; however, the price is given by the one who gives something and not by the one who takes. If a psychic offers a service: divination in exchange for lighting a candle for my intention, then by all means you can take such an offer and it is safe. On the other hand, your offer to light a candle in the case where the fortune teller expects money for her work and, above all, for her knowledge, skills and experience, is inappropriate. Would you go with such an offer to a beautician? to a store? To a doctor? Or would you suggest to your employer that he doesn’t have to pay you money for the day, just let him light a thanksgiving candle for you?

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