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Belief in destiny is based on the conviction that our fate is predetermined, fixed, written down. That someone has top-down planned what we will be given to experience, whom to meet on our way, what to experience. There is no appeal from this judgment. One can only surrender. On the other hand, all divination methods, by means of which one peeps into the future, are aimed only at preparing for inevitable events – good or bad. Is this actually the case?

Is our life planned?

Yes, to a certain extent. For each of us is born with a Soul Plan for this incarnation. In it is written the kind of experiences that will become our lot. It is predetermined whether, for example, relationships will be easy or difficult to form? Are we to experience carrying great responsibility or glide through life carefree. This can apply to a period of life, it can apply to a whole life.

Who plans it?

We ourselves. The soul, before incarnation, chooses for itself the historical time in which it wants to live, parents and family, material conditions. It chooses for itself a gender. This alone, to some extent, determines the type of experiences that will potentially come to a person. However, it is not planned how a person will react to these conditions given to him, how he will find himself in them.


Karma is a very easy explanation for one’s inactivity in life. The lack of a successful relationship is often explained by the karma of love and constant material difficulties by the karma of work. However, this is the argument of people who do not understand what karma is. Yes, a certain karma brings certain difficulties, but not to torment a person, but to allow him to gain more. After all, with the karma of love, one can potentially experience love that others can only dream of. With the karma of work, one can become a wealthy person. The condition is this: you need to understand your karma and work through it. You cannot explain that it is bad because karma. It is bad because you are not doing anything.

Belief in destiny is very convenient

This is because the conviction that fate is predetermined allows you to relinquish some responsibility for your life and your choices. For some, it can be an explanation for their passivity and evasion of choices. Belief in predestination makes people into willless beings who remain in the power of the Inevitable, Fatum, Fate, God.

And free will?

Let’s not forget that we have it. We have a predetermined type of experience – given to us by ourselves, as it were – but we decide for ourselves our attitude to these experiences. When things are easy in life, we decide whether to prepare for possible hard times or just enjoy the current abundance. We decide what to do when the going gets tough. Even the fact that we are born into an environment that sometimes strongly defines what we can become cannot become an excuse. We still have free will, after all. We can consciously fight against limitations and break out of unfavorable conditions, we can surrender. It doesn’t matter if you believe that God determines your life, or some Cosmic Force, or if your current life is a consequence of your previous incarnations. You still have free will and can consciously change your destiny. You can decide whether difficult experiences will strengthen you or break you down. You can decide whether to accept what comes on its own or always want more.

Our time here and now is limited

So it is worth working within the limits of your life, it is worth trying to exceed them. Do not give in to difficulties, do not wait for happiness and simply take it from life. It is worth trying to be happy.

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