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In fact, no one quite knows how tarot works. The psychic lays out the cards and sees the client’s past, present and future. She has access to information about his life and his choices. Of the many possible versions of events, she tells the one that applies to the Client. But how is this possible?

Divination is reading the Client’s subconscious

Divination from tarot – as well as from other types of cards or divination tools – is based on reading the Client’s subconscious. The psychic establishes a connection with the client. Shuffling the cards with the intention of getting an answer to his question, she draws just the right ones. The cards show her a picture of the world according to the Client and the most likely line of his future.

What is the subconscious?

It is that part of the human psyche where we accumulate memories, emotions, attitudes, patterns of behavior resulting from our experiences, memory of successes, traumas and fears. All of this determines our thinking, our current behavior and overall attitude. We don’t realize it, but sometimes we wouldn’t be able to quickly say why we don’t like a certain song, a certain smell, why we behave in a certain way in a certain situation. Upon reflection, we can point to some experience that influenced this. As a rule, it is related to something we don’t want to remember and don’t think about on a daily basis, but nevertheless avoid experiencing it another time. In a similar way, we boldly enter situations similar to those in which we had some success or simply felt good in them. We can reach out to this at any time – by ourselves or with the help of a psychologist, for example – but as a rule we don’t think about it. It does, however, influence our decisions.


Consciousness is related to the subconscious. It allows us to make conscious decisions based on rational considerations, or to focus our attention on what we want to focus on. Sometimes, however, we want something, we do everything to achieve it and it doesn’t work out. Often the answer lies in the subconscious. Someone after several failed relationships, someone cheated by an employer, someone ridiculed in his environment generally has little faith that things will be different now. He consciously wants it to be different and even does something to make it different. Subconsciously, however, he doesn’t believe and this disbelief can sabotage his success. Hence the big role of affirmations.


This is the divine element in us, the higher self, that part of the personality that is beyond consciousness and has access to the potential for infinity, enlightenment, enlightenment, understanding, spirituality, intuition, and enables connection with the Source of information. After all, the word divination – predicting the future – comes from the word dyvine. The word means divine – which suggests asking the gods for answers. Through contact with the superconscious, one is given the ability to get answers.

So how does tarot work?

A psychic must have an aptitude for divination. In addition to knowledge of the cards and the archetypes contained on them, she must have above-average intuition, empathy, access to her superconscious. When laying out the cards to the client, he sees in them his current attitude and attitudes towards a given situation resulting from his conscious decisions and subconscious behavior. On this basis, the most probable line of the future is formed. The cards show what can happen and what will definitely not happen – and this is a result of the Client’s past and the structure of his personality. The past, together with the experiences accumulated in the conscious mind and subconscious, condition the future.

What influences the accuracy of divination?

Certainly the psychic’s predisposition to divination, her knowledge and experience. However, the preparation of the client also has a great influence. A fortune-telling client – asking the same thing over and over again – has chaos in the subconscious. The actual view of his life is mixed with his fears and dreams. A client who is reluctant to have someone look into his life does not share all the information with the psychic. A client who is ill, impaired or intoxicated by consciousness-altering substances will also not get an accurate divination. A client who is prepared and trusts the fortune teller will get the most accurate prediction of his most likely future line. The most probable – because, after all, he still has free will and can influence his future.

Where does this most probable line of the future come from?

In a way, this is explained by K. G. Jung’s theories of synchronicity and the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the unconscious but developed in the course of evolution and inherited from ancestors biological and cultural content. These are drives, instilled archetypes, behavior patterns. These are attitudes toward love, death, violence, toward children and the elderly. Under certain conditions, we can behave in predictable ways – which makes it easier to predict the future. Synchronicity, on the other hand, is the intersection of phenomena completely unrelated to each other by cause and effect relationship. Synchronicity will occur when we think of someone and that person calls, when we need money and we find it on the street. Of course, also synchronicity is the connection of divination with real life – the fortune teller draws exactly those cards that most accurately show the life of the client. Apparently, this cannot be explained rationally, but it happens.

How does tarot work?

You can look for answers, you can analyze various theories. Probably, however, it is not important how tarot works. The important thing is that it works.

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