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Magic is one. The term “white” and “black” only informs the intention and direction. If the intention is to attach a particular, specific person, if love magic is to hit that person, it cannot be “white”. It doesn’t matter what spell casters say when encouraging such services. White magic is supposed to help, it is supposed to do good. However, it is not good to make one person obsessively think about another person and need their presence. It is not good to make someone a victim of another person’s feelings. Not enslaving someone is black magic.

Intention and direction

This is what determines whether love magic is ethical and moral – so it is white magic, or whether it violates another person’s personal freedom – and that is black magic. It doesn’t matter what a spell caster writes on his page, it doesn’t matter how he argues in conversation. One cannot feel exempt from one’s own thinking and one’s own judgment. After all, if magical actions infringe on another person’s personal freedom, if they alter his perception, such actions have nothing to do with doing good and morality. Not enslaving someone is not good and moral.

Love spells and witchcraft

This is the lightest kind of love magic, and only within the framework of this can we talk about white magic. With the right words spoken at the right time and under the right conditions, with the help of special mixtures of herbs and burning candles, one wants to produce a supernatural effect, to bend reality to one’s needs. However, in order for it to be white love magic, the intention must be to attract love in general – not a specific person but love for one’s life in general. The intention can be, for example, the appearance of the most favorable partner, without naming him by name. In a white magic ritual, pointing to a specific person can only be used to purify a relationship with him, because this does not violate his ability to stand for himself, does not violate his freedom.

Love spell

With a love spell, you can not talk about white magic. After all, with a spell one influences the mind of another person so that he changes his perception of the person who orders the casting of such a spell. It’s forcing someone to feel the need to come with the person ordering this type of magic, to do everything for the sake of that person without considering his own well-being. When someone is deprived of the ability to critically assess a situation, how can you talk about white magic? Moreover, you wouldn’t want to know how it is done.

Egyptian spell

It is often advertised on the Internet as the most powerful white magic ritual for “difficult cases.” This ritual is supposed to make the person who left come back, the one who didn’t love, confess love and the crumbling relationship cement. The ritual is supposed to arouse feelings of love, desire and the need to be with the designated person. However, how does this relate to white magic! After all, it is a violation of someone’s free will. Someone left because they wanted to, because they didn’t see the prospect of continuing in a failed relationship. But with the Egyptian ritual, the partner forces him to change his decision, to feel something he doesn’t feel, to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Love binding spell

This is the most powerful type of love ritual. It involves energetically binding two people together so that they live together for the rest of their lives. Of course, the good quality of this life is not guaranteed. As a rule, a well-executed love binding spell binds people for many incarnations.

A love ritual on a particular person is not white magic!

It doesn’t matter what it is called. All that matters is what will be done. If you want to attach a particular person to yourself, arouse feelings in him that he doesn’t naturally feel, change his way of thinking, this is a violation of that person’s free will – and then it’s black love magic.

It is impossible to magically arouse love

Love magic can make someone yearn, desire, seek opportunities for contact and to be as close as possible to the person commissioning the black magic. He will change his priorities, his values. He will change his behavior. However, this is not love, it is obsession, fixation on someone.

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